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Shandong Minye refractory fibers Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in ceramic fiber materials research and development, production and construction in one of the joint-stock enterprises, under the Shandong Minye Refractory Fiber Co., Ltd. Zichuan branch, Shandong Minye refractory fibers Co., Ltd. Weishan branch company, engineering company of Shandong Minye refractory fibers Co., Ltd., Shandong Minye refractory fibers Co., Ltd. sales company, Huairen County Changyuan ceramic materials Co., Ltd..Company's existing ceramic fiber thrown silk production line 19, injection production line 4, mat board, semi automatic production line 10, the fiber mat, plate automatic flow production line 4, special ship light refractory fiber felt, board, wall roof fire insulation light board production line 2. Our ceramic fiber series products are mainly cotton, blanket, blanket, paper, rope, cloth, folded pieces, module, crystal fiber varieties; temperature: ordinary type, standard type, high purity, high aluminum, low zirconium type, containing pick type, crystal type, level, the total output of 6 million tons. Products are sold to the country and exported to many countries, by the customer's friends.We always adhere to the "integrity of cooperation, the pursuit of excellence" of the value of the concept of "for the user to achieve energy efficiency" as the goal, service users, service society.

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