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The company successfully passed the quality system audit

Since 2006, the company achieved ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, in strict accordance with the quality certification standards, strengthen quality control, continuous construction standardization production management system, and continuously improve the overall strength of the company.
According to the certification center of supervision and audit, in September 4, 2012, the quality certification center expert group on the company's quality management system for supervision and audit. The expert group workshop through investigation, inspection of the company, the information industry department leadership questions such as the mode of quality management system detailed understanding of the company's operation, to verify whether the quality management system to meet the certification standards and effective operation. Through the inspection, the expert group on the ISO9001 quality management work of the company fully affirmed, agreed to Zibo Minye through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification audit supervision.

The smooth pass of the supervision and audit, marking our company in the promotion of enterprise management level, establish a good brand image, improve product service quality, and enhance the competitiveness of the market to a new level.


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